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He is now the CEO of his own company, WILD Success.

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Consist of individuals with different expertise in our business.


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Your First Level Coaching & NLP Program with a Practitioner Certificate.


Your Comprehensive Master Coaching & Practitioner of NLP Training.

Inner Circle

It’s a transformative journey of personal and professional growth.

Win at Life

Master Money, Love, Career And Health In 2024 And Live Your Best Life!


Wild Book

Breakthrough Your Limitations and LIve the Life of Your Dreams.


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The WILDCast with Calvin Coyles. Be bold, Have Fun, Make an Impact.


How to get started

Jump right in – get an overview through testimonials of Self Mastery Program

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This is your comprehensive Master Coaching and Master Practitioner of NLP Training. With 10 weeks of in depth live learning and practical experience, with feedback from our own Master Coaches, as well as 1:1 coaching for the full extent of the program, and a 4 day Live Training, you’ll have everything you need to be a competent and confident coach.

The content will cover everything from Values & Values Systems, Rules, Coach & Client Archetypes, Niche Branding, Designing Programs, Creating your “Method” as well as 8 Practice Sessions for you to hone your NLP & Coaching Skills. We will bring it all together for the 4 Day Impact of Coaching Event, where you will do a personal breakthrough session.

What’s Included in the Program


10 Week Impact Coaching LIVE Training Program


Masters of Life Coaching Certification


NLP Master Practitioner Certification


Impact Coaching LIVE 4 Day Event: August 2022


Impact Business Online Program


Up to 30 Coaching Sessions - Real Experience


NLP Master Practitioner Video Training Portal (Lifetime Access)

Impact Business Training

Work with our team to master the foundations of Launching and Growing your coaching business, and attracting your first 10 Paid Clients. This program will cover:


Nailing down your target market


Refining your Coaching Offer


Paid & Unpaid Marketing Strategies


Effective Sales Systems

Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to be experienced already?

No, that’s what this program is for!


How long will it take per week?

Including Triad Sessions, Q&A and Content, allow between 3-5 hours per week.


What Certificates will I get?

After completing Impact of Coaching you will be a certified Master in Life Coaching, and after completing the 4 Day LIVE Impact Coaching Training, you will be a certified Master Practitioner of NLP.


How do I get my coaching session?

Once you finish the program you will be assigned in 2 rounds of Aspire Coaching for you to coach.