Don’t Set Smart Goals: Success Comes From Setting Bold Goals

Ready to tackle the new year and master the next decade? Fresh starts fill us with hope, aspiration and determination, but that alone isn’t enough to take us from where we are now to where we want to be. 

If you’re ready to set goals that will challenge you and actually make you proud to achieve them, then you’re ready to set BOLD goals! Before embarking on your goal setting session, look at the last article I wrote which establishes the first part of any successful goal setting mission – creating space.

The problem with SMART goals
SMART goals have been the benchmark for goal setting for decades, ever since George Doran first coined the framework in 1981. But as with all theories and applications, there’s always room for adaptation. At WILD Success, we’ve taken the best parts of the SMART model and created a new framework that helps you push through your barriers to achieve goals behind your wildest dreams.

The problem with SMART goals is not the fact they should be specific, measurable, relevant or timely. These are all important aspects to setting gettable goals. What’s limiting is the notion that they need to be attainable. If we know we can achieve a goal, then that’s all we aim for and as a result we restrict our potential. We stop short of greatness because it’s in that extra 1% that we achieve it.

The secret to success is to be bold! Whatever goal you first think of, double the results or halve the time, and that’s your bold goal. Want to pay off your credit card in 12 months? Aim to do it in 6. Keen to run a half marathon? Train for a full one. If you don’t achieve your bold goal that’s ok, you’ll probably still surpass the goal you would have set originally. But just think – what if you do achieve it? 

Tackle the big rocks

Focusing on a couple of goals at any one time allows you to focus your attention to create change, rather than casting a wide net and hoping something sticks. When setting your bold goals, aim for one in every area of your life – Wellness, Income, Love, Lifestyle and Direction. These can be over the next 12 months, or you might

have some short-term goals to smash through. Think through each domain of your life and push yourself to a vision that might feel just out of reach – that’s your bold goal! It might be a passionate relationship if you’re single, entering a triathlon if you’ve never entered a fun run before, or starting your own business with no capital. 
Hit up to help you pinpoint the areas that might need more attention this year. 

After this exercise, you might find yourself inspired to do even more – that’s fantastic! Just don’t go crazy. Remember, we’re going for focussed goals, not diluted. When you’ve got your goals outlined for the year, pick what quarter of the year you will focus on it. You can still work on your fitness or follow a savings plan in the quarters you haven’t allocated it, but by focusing on one or two goals per quarter, you set yourself up for success, as it becomes almost second nature in subsequent quarters so you can redirect your attention elsewhere. 

At WILD Success, our framework extends to adding one giant rock per quarter to sink our teeth into. This could be one of the WILD goals you set for yourself, or it could be something that’s even bigger, or a silo project to focus on. 

My Quarterly Rocks in 2020 are:



Q3 Baby Coyles with my chica @ashcoyles

Q4 Personal Debt Free

You’ll note, while we want to be free of personal debt by December, we can’t start this in October when it’s our focussed month. We’ll be chipping away at it all year, knowing it’s one of our 2020 goals, but come October-December, we will be going HARD. We’ll have to say goodbye to the donuts for three months and hello to Aldi shopping (bring on Aldi Wednesdays!) – whatever it takes because every dollar we save and make in Q4 is going to that personal debt. 

Set your goals the right way

Goals are only as good as the actions you take!

For every goal you have, determine if it is an achievement goal or a habit goal. An achievement goal is something you will know in that moment – you ran a marathon, you lost 10 kilograms or you married your soulmate. A habit goal is something you need to work on consistently until it is a part of who you are – like 10,000 steps a day, daily meditation or reading five chapters of a book every week.

If you’ve got habit goals planned, then you’ll need to create a tracker to make sure you stay consistent. Use apps or a journal to keep a record, so that you can’t stray too far before pulling yourself up on it. 

If you have achievement goals planned, you’ll still need to achieve milestones before that moment of truth. Record what these will be and when you have to achieve them  by, to stay on track. 

The final part to goal setting is to understand what drives you. What will keep you going when the going gets tough?

For every goal you have, answer these questions:

Motivation – why do you want to achieve this?

Reward – what will you do to reward yourself when you achieve this?

Next steps – what are the very next actions you need to take to kickstart your success?

If you can’t find a meaningful goal, then consider if it’s really a goal you should be working toward this year. Chances are, it probably isn’t. As humans, we’re hardwired to seek pleasure, so if there’s no real desire to achieve something, we’re not going to put much effort in, are we?

Now that you have your goals for the year that will impact every area of your life, there’s one step left to achieving them – implementing them. Right now, they probably seem unachievable (they should seem unachievable if you’ve really set BOLD goals! If not, then ask yourself if you’ve just set yourself another SMART goal), so the next step is to become the person who would achieve them. Stay tuned because that’s what I’m covering next. 

Until next time; have fun, be bold and make an impact.

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