Dominate The New Decade With This Definitive Guide To Goal Setting And Goal Getting

Ready to get started on living your best year yet?

If you’re ready to tackle the areas in your life that have been holding you back from success, then the process of going from where you are now to where you want to be doesn’t start with vision boards, focus words or even goal setting.

It starts by stopping.

Stopping the noise.
Stopping the regret.
Stopping the hamster wheel you’re on so you can get off once and for all!

Despite what you may have been conditioned to believe – that ‘busy’ means ‘productive’ – it’s only through stopping our racing minds and fast paced lives that our deep desires, dreams and determination can percolate. It’s in stillness that we create.

In this 3-part series, I’m going to show you how you can go from dreaming of a better life to living that better life. Every time we set a goal; we are essentially setting in place a solution to fix a current problem. But that space in between wanting something and getting something can be filled with productive actions to get you there, or destructive actions that pull you away from your destination.

Goals require intention and action to achieve them – this is why more than 90% of people who make new year’s resolutions never see results. Setting and getting goals comes down to three processes:
Creating space
Setting BOLD goals (not SMART goals!)
Becoming the person who would achieve these goals (because right now you are not, or you would have achieved them already).
We’ll cover the whole process in this three-part series, but first, let’s start at the start.


If the Christmas break was a whirlwind of travel and gatherings and no time to take stock, use this time wisely. I don’t want you to even open a planner until you’ve answered these three questions and taken at least two days of quality R&R. Before you stop, it’s important to take stock of the past year so your subconscious can start to process what it is you need this year. 



Ask yourself:

  1. What mistakes, lessons or down right F*$% ups did I make in 2019 that I don’t want to repeat? 
  2. What were the highlights? What went right for me?
  3. What did I intend to do but didn’t, and what didn’t I do that I intended to do?

Give this some considered thought for a few hours, even a full day; but then let it go. Don’t pull out the planner, don’t start training for a marathon if that’s what you missed the mark on last year – just let it simmer in the back of your mind while you take a few days of relaxing and re-connecting with yourself and loved ones. Fire up the BBQ, get out into the garden – do whatever it is that makes you smile and let 2019 fade into the distance. 


Now that you’ve created space, the possibilities this year are limitless! Your mind has been cradling those thoughts you had about last year and has been quietly creating the vision and the environment you need to establish new goals for the year ahead.

Whatever you were unhappy with last year, there’s now an instinctive hunger to ensure history doesn’t repeat itself. The goals you accomplished reaffirms your ability to rise to the challenge. And the subtle nuances of where you focused or didn’t focus attention have come to light, so that you can better establish your intent this year.


With a pen and paper, computer, tablet or phone, brainstorm the activities that come to mind when you contemplate what worked for you last year, and what didn’t. If you didn’t set goals to benchmark against, just consider the WILD areas of your life and ask yourself how you went in each. 

At Wild Success, we look at the areas of Wellness, Income, Love and Lifestyle, and Direction to create your WILD life. 

Did you fit more gym sessions in or better manage your stress levels? Did you pay off credit card debt? Did you connect with your partner or grow personally? Did you live to your values? Just think about how each area resonates with you and note down whatever comes to mind. 

There’s no rules here. Take an hour, take a day, take a week if you need. This is an important step in setting meaningful goals because you need to know where you’re starting, what you’re starting with, and how to prioritise what’s most important to you. If you’re stuck, head to to get your personalised report – the questions can help you start thinking about these areas in more detail. 

So, give yourself this time. Write lists, draw mind maps – do whatever works for you, but just make sure you think about:

  • The things you achieved that you wanted to 
  • The things you achieved that you never even set out to; and
  • The things you didn’t achieve that you wanted to.

Don’t let any 2020 goals come in to focus yet. Concentrate on the last 12 months first, and that will provide the foundation for the next 12 months.

You’ve done it! You’ve wiped the slate clean to start a fresh new decade where YOU are in control. I’ll be introducing Phase #2 next week, so be sure to follow for the next step in setting wild, bold goals. In the meantime, let me know in the comments what you think your biggest learning was from 2019. 

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