Become The Person Who Achieves The Life You Want

You’ve got to be in it win it right? Well if you’ve set yourself some mighty bold goals for 2020 (and if you followed through on the actions from my last article, you should be feeling pretty stretched to reach them right now), then you’re going to have to be ALL IN for that sweet taste of victory. And right now, I know you’re not. 

The you that you are now won’t achieve bold goals. 

The you that you are now has limitations – whether it’s limiting beliefs, a lack of resources or the wrong priorities.

If you were the person who achieved the bold goals you’ve set, they wouldn’t be a goal right now. Why? Because you would already be the person achieving them.

So, who do you have to become? I can tell you right now who you need to become, and it doesn’t matter at all what your goals are. Whether it’s a weight loss, travel, savings or a relationship goal, you won’t get there unless you become THIS person… the person who is:


Goals aren’t achieved in a moment. 

They are the life-long overnight success. 

They are the hard work behind the good luck.

They are what everyone wants but falls short of achieving because it just becomes too hard, or too boring, or too time consuming. 

Don’t let this be you. You need to act and react to create impact. Act, review, adjust. Act, review, adjust. Act, review, adjust.  

The people who apply daily consistent actions are the Kobe Bryants of this world (RIP my man) – I watched a video about him the other day where a player questioned Kobe why he spent so long on the court practicing and he said, “because you were here”. He just kept showing up, and if someone was putting in the hard yards, he put in more.

Daily action. Weekly check ins. Monthly audits. Quarterly reviews. 

That’s the person you need to be. 

Seeing and believing THE BIG PICTURE 

Most people over overestimate what they can do in a year and underestimate what they can do in a decade. 

Imagine what you can achieve in five years from today if you 

10 years ago, in 2010, a younger Ed Sheeran was gigging and posting videos on the internet to create some exposure. Last year he won Billboard Music Award’s Top Touring Artist (among a string of other wins and nominations). Life has a way of twisting and turning every day – every minute even – so the life we know right now doesn’t have to be the life we have in years to come. 

When you can grasp this; when you can truly believe that success is possible, then you can create that life you want. Because guess what? You now know that it’s not only possible, but a fact that the person you are today won’t be the person you are in a few years. You’ve just got to decide who you want that person to be. 

Seeking out the people who have ACHIEVED THE GOAL YOU WANT

If you don’t know who you must become to reach your goal, that’s ok. The next question to ask is, “who would know the answer to this?” Consider who has achieved the same goals that you want to achieve – who works in the industry that you could seek mentorship from – who writes about this topic that you can devour on social media and blogs?

Surround yourself with people who will help get you there. We host a group of motivated individuals in Wild Success’ The Wild Year,  and where one person is struggling with a goal or doesn’t know who can help them, another is putting their hand up to show them how they achieved it or who they spoke to. You don’t have to be in The Wild Year to get these benefits (although you should – message me for more info); you just have to be asking the right people. 

The year is ticking by already – don’t waste another minute! Who do you need to be to achieve your goals, or who do you need to speak to? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time; have fun, be bold and make an impact.

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