WILD Spotlight: Grant & Elena Cardone Interview

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WILD Spotlight: Grant & Elena Cardone Interview

In today’s epic interview, WILDCast host Calvin Coyles interviews power couple, Grant and Elena Cardone. Grant runs Cardone Enterprises and 18 companies around the world. Grant started Cardone Capital 20 months ago as a way for people to join him in real estate investing, and he’s already grown the business to $1.2 billion of assets under management.

Elena is a former model and actress, and now helps run the businesses and is an incredible author. Today’s episode discusses 10Xing your life to justifying the expense of a private jet, orchestrating a massive training event, and jet schooling (rather than home schooling) their kids.

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Visit Grant Cardone’s website for all the details on his companies, training, and books: https://grantcardone.com
Visit Elena Cardone’s website for more on her career, book, and upcoming show: https://elenacardone.com/
Get your copy of Elena’s book: Build An Empire: How To Have it All

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